Learn how to creative and sustain positive habits

Meditation workshop: Creating positive habits

We’ll be hosting a wonderful session about ‘creating and sustaining positive habits', with the amazing Rajesh Ramani from wellness sanctuary Kamalaya in Koh Samui

Regardless of your daily routine – whether you’re working long hours in the city, staying at home with the kids or studying for a degree – stress is a very real emotion that affects everyone in difference ways. Some suffer more than others, and sometimes struggle to strike that emotional balance when it comes to concentrating, decision-making and reacting to everyday situations.


foot spas in singapore

Foot spas in SG

Need a little ah-and-ah? Pamper your tired feet with a luscious foot bath, an exfoliating fish spa or a tension-releasing foot massage at these reputable spots

No time for a thorough two-hour spa ritual? We’ve got another way to get you feeling like your old self again: Get your feet kneaded into utter submission with this helpful list of the best foot reflexology spas in Singapore for detoxifying foot massages, fish spas and foot baths. We guarantee you’d be ready to tackle those fab killer heels again.


Jump aboard this bed and prepare to get seriously toned

The Body Firm: Reviewed!

We hit The Body Firm to test out their oh-so-relaxing, yet incredibly effective East-meets-West methods around anti-aging and deeply hydrating facials, plus getting rid of cellulite in Singapore

Eat green food, move your body, get a billion hours of sleep; we all know the formula to feeling and looking great. And, while we do try our best, there are always going to be parts of the body that need an extra hand. Take our thighs, for example – we’ve run full marathons, yet never managed to shift the smug patch of cellulite camping out under our bottom. And our forehead! We were really rooting for it to go all Nicole Kidman on us and defy the test of time. Alas, no shop-bought potion appears to be encouraging those wrinkles to flatten out.

So what’s a girl to do? Shove her hand in the air, and ask for help – that’s what! Introducing The Body Firm – our understanding beauty refuge on Orchard Road. The salon has scoured the earth for the best solutions when it comes to achieving beautiful, tight and young-looking skin, and have amalgamated wise Eastern tricks with snazzy Western technology to create the ultimate treatments.

With a focus on slimming and facials, two of us HC-ers trotted along to the spa on Delfi Orchard to test out a couple of their signature treatments. Here’s how they went:

The Body Firm is conveniently located in Delfi Orchard

The Body Firm is conveniently located in Delfi Orchard

The ENVIRON VITAMIN A Facial by The Body Firm

The Body Firm has an array of facials for different skin types, which cover dry skin, mums-to-be, teenagers and more. Our skin struggles with the humidity sometimes, so we went for the Environ Facial with rich vitamins A and D. This amazing treatment is for anti-aging, sun spots, and dehydration, because it doesn’t get much better than treating blocked pores while ironing out a few lines. The treatment lasts for 75 minutes (hello, best afternoon ever!) and includes:

– A consultation to discuss our skin-type and beauty aims.
– A shoulder, neck and facial massage to get into the swing of things.
– A thorough cleansing and deep exfoliation process using the LACM 1 Cool Peel for the face and neck.
– A deep yet gentle extraction for those clogged blackheads, whiteheads and all!
– Lots of toning (by this point, the skin feels so fresh!)
– Eye-brow shaping. What an extra treat!
– Copious amounts of additional toning, while enjoying a hot neck mask.
– A dreamy face massage. Just ‘cause.
– A rich, creamy Clay mask to calm angry skin.
– Shoulder oil massage. Please, you’re spoiling us!

It’s safe to say you’ll be leaving your facial with a sparkly, tight (yet supple and bouncy!) fresh face that’s fit for a dewy Disney Princess. Head here to discover more about The Body Firm’s facials and packages.

The Body Firm's friendly, experienced team

The Body Firm’s friendly, experienced team

Cellulite Treatment, by The Body Firm

No matter how many squats and lunges we plough through, some of us will always struggle with cellulite. Those damn pockets of fat will probably survive the apocalypse, unless you start making use of modern, non-invasive technology that focuses solely on blitzing the fatty cells and firming up those difficult areas. To treat cellulite, The Body Firm has a number of methods that can be tailored to the client. We had a mix of two treatments, and here’s how it went:

– A consultation to determine the target areas of cellulite and treatment methods. We went for the thighs and bottom.
– The first non-invasive treatment, a state of the art device called the The Apollo Tripollar was used. It uses radio frequency technology to gently heat the lower skin layers (where collagen lies). When collagen is heated, it will improve skin tightness and drain the fat naturally through the lymphatic systems. This is how the appearance of cellulite and body contours is applied.
– The therapist applies a cooling gel, and the hand-piece works effortlessly works away at 42 degrees. It feels very much like a warm, soothing massage!
– This goes on for 25 minutes, with napping being optional!
– Less risk of napping when it came to the second treatment! The Anti-Cellulite Massage is by hand, and works intensively on dimpled skin.
– A lot of strength and pressure is used, in true Asian massage style. The beautician kneads the cellulite-stricken areas, in order to improve blood flow and break up the fat deposits into smaller pieces (so the body can dispose of it naturally).
– The massage continues for 30 minutes, and while it gets a little ouchy at times, you get into it (punishing the fat is also quite satisfying!).

You’ll leave The Body Firm with visible results and firmer skin after the first session, but it’s recommended to have up to 12 cellulite sessions in order to kick the fat good ‘n’ proper. We shall be back (and timing our next trip to the Orchard spot with a spot of hot-pant shopping!). Head here for more information about The Body Firm’s cellulite treatments and packages.

Where: The Body Firm, 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #04-20, Singapore 238876
When: Mon-Fri 10 am-830pm, Sat 9am-5pm
More info: Call 6838 0331 or head to the site.


Spa Guide: Ultimate Bliss List

In need of some R&R? Check into these utterly blissful spas for the ultimate head-to-toe pampering session

Hey there, workaholic. You look like you could use a little R&R and it’s no secret that a soothing facial or massage will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. So go on, live a little and indulge in a day of personal pampering with our guide to the best spas in Singapore. You deserve it!


Afternoon Tea | Hotels in Bali

Wander(Lusting) After Fairmont

Fairmont’s newest hotel in Bali is so beautiful, we’re too dreamy to be productive. Someone should just take us there right now. In fact, there’s no better time to do so, because Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali is offering exclusive rates and packages to our lovely readers (read on below).  (more…)