Guys, we’re truly bummed as we write this. We love our menswear-inspired looks but it’s one thing to don a men’s shirt and another to clunk around in men’s shoes. Trying not to trip in footwear far too large just isn’t a good look.

So when we discovered and fell in love with men’s line Oliberté Footwear, we knew we had to share the love and horde these beauties for the men in our lives.

Men’s shoes can sometimes be fuddy-duddy, but these babies are sharp lookers. They’re also extremely well-made (over 1000 stitches for each shoe!) and 100% handmade in Africa. Crafted from 100% goat leather from Ethiopia and natural rubber soles from Liberia, the semi-formal shoes come in a range of designs: boat shoes, desert boots, and mid-cut boots.

Plus, by buying Oliberté, you’ll also be supporting what they stand for: quality and equality. We especially love that all the African workers involved (from farmers to factory workers) are paid fairly. Stunning, functional, and socially conscious too? We know – Oliberté’s a total overachiever. Now if they would just start a women’s collection…

Price: $199-219

Where: Threadbare & Squirrel, 660 North Bridge Road (Bali Lane), Singapore 188797, Sun-Thu 12-9pm, Fri-Sat 12-10pm, p. 6396 6738