Super Loco Review | Mexican Restaurants | Honeycombers Singapore

5 Things to Order at Super Loco

Duxton Hill’s perpetually buzzing Mexican taqueria, Lucha Loco has a sexy little sister and, as the name goes, it’s super. There’s a festive, cavalier vibe about the three-month-old Robertson Quay spot thanks to the vibrant colours and street-style ambiance – which deviates slightly from the grungy-hip, unpolished interiors of the flagship restaurant. (more…)

Have Fugu at Fuku Restaurant | Honeycombers Singapore

Now Serving: Fugu at FUKU

Just as we thought the Japanese dining scene in Singapore couldn’t be more stellar, here comes a new restaurant that blows (and literally so!) everyone out of the water. Fine dining establishment Fuku is now open, and it’s the first restaurant in Asia outside of Japan to serve – wait for it – fugu, otherwise known as puffer fish.  (more…)

Italian Food Singapore | Gusto Italiano | Honeycombers

Mamma Mia! Italian Food Festival Gusto Italiano returns

Here’s some pretty exciting news for lovers of rich, Italian food (that’s practically everyone!): Gusto Italiano is back for yet another edition, starting 1 September 2014, with more activities and promotions (Michelin-starred creations, anyone?) to look forward to this year. Snag a seat at these special themed dinners before they sell out, plus stand a chance to win tickets to a culinary workshop!  (more…)

Keong Saik road | potato head folk

Keong Saik Revival

With the arrival of Potato Head Folk, plus a couple of rebranded restaurants popping up along the street, the formerly sleazy Keong Saik road is buzzing. We took a walk down the street to check out the hip new residents who have been drawing the city’s scenesters in droves. (more…)