Bespoke Furniture Heaven

[ADV] AF Home

So you’re standing in the middle of a gorgeous furniture showroom looking at THE pièce de résistance, when you suddenly realise: the damn thing is just too big for your living room.

It’s never going to fit through the front door…And it’s starting to look a shade off from being perfect.

Just when you’re on the brink of a hissy fit, your savior AF Home steps in to save the day.

These miracle workers customize everything.

Like that sofa but want it in a different fabric? No problem. Need custom made carpets? Of course they’d do that. Want the coffee table in a different height? No problem.

At this point you might think you’re in bespoke furniture heaven. Then they surprise you again when they say you can custom-make your own carpets. No more hunting down that elusive perfect rug in the great Singapore heat (well it has to be out there… somewhere),

When you realize you are in a gorgeous four-storey furniture showroom and get play designer, you think you have arrived at bespoke interior heaven… any maybe you have!

Have a field day in their resource library of fabrics (a whole dedicated floor!), don’t miss the hand-embroidered 500-threadcount sheets on the second floor. And while you’re indulging, pick up a few gorgeous home accessories – they make great accent pieces in your showroom-worthy home. Fact: one lady furnished her entire house (from TV console to pillowcase) using just AF Home’s pieces – now that’s convenience.

Another great thing about AF Home is that you’ll only be working with one staff member on your entire project. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to be bounced around. All their pieces are either sourced solely from Paris or designed inhouse.

Amen to that!

AF Home, 276 River Valley Road, Singapore 238317, daily 1030am-730pm, p. 6733 7012, e.

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