Truly Gifted

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Mother, sister, auntie, girlfriend, grandmother, son, daughter, lover, mother-in-law… like you haven’t got enough to do?

Take a little direction from our sneak peek of Novembers Boutiques at Fort Canning and there will be plenty of time left for you.

This handpicked fair has an amazing range of gifts from all corners of the world. Just perfect Christmas shopping – all in the one spot.

Stop by with the girlfriends for a gourmet sandwich, coffee and sweets. Or meet here for a browse in the evening and enjoy a glass of wine and canapé or two.

For the littlies

Find irresistible baby products at The Wooden Shoe, and brightly printed melamine Rice plates from Bloom. The Kidsonroof Totem 3D boat and aeroplane construction kits from Flynnish are perfect gifts for little imaginations. Another stocking filler winner is the handmade fair-trade felt products like the London bus from Bisous la. Perfect for nephews and nieces Funky Frog personalised tees, shirts and rombers are a sure bet. And the polka-dot pants and light natural cotton rompers from Chandamama are hard to go past; we just love the Rajasthan inspired block prints.

For the girls

Mums, Aunts, nieces and sisters will love you forever with a beautiful authentic piece from Ribbon and Roses. Or maybe a snakeskin clutch from another favourite local designer Gina and Jake. Don’t miss the 14 carat handmade pieces from Venezuela with precious stones, pearls and corals at Tarbay Jewelry. A personal favourite is the light-easy wearing recycled brad and stainless steel jewellery from Australian designer Polli. Just try and part with it – we can’t!

For the men

From noodles packaging inspired cushions to taxi lamps, the unique and wonderful local products from Casey & Co. make great gifts. Or follow the LA celebrity trend of enjoying the comfort and style of the kikoi from Collars & Cuffs. For pet lovers, you won’t be able to pass up the unique Masai beaded collars. The Masai belts are also a hit with teens as they look stunning paired with jeans for guys and girls.

Deck the house

The easiest Christmas decorations have to be the striking clean lined Christmas wreaths from Polli and the fun bright Christmas decals from Flynnish – take one of each, apply to house and voila, Christmas cheer is guaranteed.

Boutiques at Fort Canning also supports 6 charities, including Open Book, which is a charity that provides a safe, clean reading room for children in Phnom Penh. Each charity will also be selling products on the day – another perfect gift for those hard-to-buy for.

All you need to do now is chill the champagne!

Boutiques at Fort Canning, Tue 23 (9am-8pm) & Wed 24 November (9am-5pm). Credit Cards accepted.