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Expat Fairs Christmas


Expat Fairs Christmas event returns on 1 & 2 Dec!

When November and December roll around each year, it’s not uncommon to find your stress levels going through the roof. Throwing parties, planning vacations, buying presents: so much to do in so little time! Well, if you’re looking to check...

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Muay Thai fighters from Evolve MMA

Muay Thai in SG

Elbows up – who’s ever wished that they could be like Tony Jaa from Ong Bak? “The art of eight limbs”, or Muay Thai, is one of Singapore’s most popular martial arts and for good reason. The discipline focuses on...

Dinesh Ajith

Dinesh Ajith, Lifestyle Writer

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Giveaway: Tripod Coffee capsules

Doing what we do at Honeycombers, caffeine has become an indispensible ally. Racing against deadlines, you’ll often find our team buried in mugs of coffee, relying on the energy boosts to get us through the day. When things get particularly...