Restaurants at One Raffles Place: Scandinavian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, hot pot and desserts in Singapore’s CBD

Hungry in the CBD? Here’s what to eat for lunch and dinner at shopping mall One Raffles Place in Singapore

Ngon's signature beef pho Ngon's signature beef pho

The queues are long at lunchtime, ERP fees into the district are shocking, and traffic – both human and roads – is horrendous during peak hours. Say what you want about living and working in Singapore’s CBD, but one thing’s for sure: dining options are plentiful and exciting in this part of town. Whether you’re feeling Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Scandinavian, hot pot on a rainy day, or something sweet, there is only one place you’ll need to know: One Raffles Place. Read on for our top picks at the foodie mall: 


Pronounced “smur” – which means butter in Danish – this Scandinavian deli uses organically sourced and seasonal ingredients in its muscle-fuel meal boxes that consist of grains, berries, vegetables, fish, poultry and game meats, so you get a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fat. Got a snacking habit? Pick up their gluten-free, fat-free and organic gingerbread and chocolate cookies or rye chips.
#B1-23, p. 9430 1500

Running Man

Name after the uber popular Korean reality TV series, this no-frills restaurant serves the whole gamut of Korean familiar favourites, including ginseng chicken, bimbimbap, bean paste soup, ramyeon (spicy noodle soup), spicy rice cakes, steamed egg and the likes. There’s also Korean BBQ (cooked in the kitchen so you won’t walk out smelling like a grill) and Korean-style Chinese dishes like kan poong gi (deep fried chicken in garlic sauce) on the menu if you don’t fancy the usual suspects.
#03-21/22, p. 6438 6484

Smor open-faced sandwich with roasted sirloin

Gochi-So Shokudo's Iberian pork don

City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu

Mango shaved ice at Smoothie House


If you, like us, can never get tired of slurping good pho, you may want to note this Vietnamese joint in your little black book. Their signature beef pho is a hearty bowl of medium-rare beef slices, bouncy beef balls, slipperly rice noodles swimming in flavoursome broth. In case that doesn’t quite satisfy your appetite, there are a bunch of sides, like a prawn and pomelo salad, steamed rice rolls, deep-fried spring rolls, fresh summer rolls, lemongrass prawns and chicken wings to be had. Oh, of course Vietnamese drip coffee is also on the menu.
#B1-17, p. 6536 6466

Gochi-So Shokudo

Amongst its homestyle menu of awesome chirashi bowls, comforting curry rice, great unagi dons and more, Gochi-So Shokudo’s signature mouthwatering Iberian pork don stands out, and for good reason. It’s quite the sight to behold, with generous slices of tender pork spread on top of Japanese rice, doused with housemade sauce, then finished with a runny egg and chives. That’s bliss in our books.
#B1-30, p. 6536 6447

City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu

Wet weathers, freezing offices and long catch-ups sometimes call for a hot pot session. Here, you get your own pot of soup, and there are a slew of flavours – from spicy kimchi and milky fish broth – to choose from. A standard set comes with your selection of fresh meat (Australian wagyu beef is obviously popular), carbs (rice or udon), and a basket of vegetables.
#04-28, p. 6536 2185

Smoothie House

Move over Llao Llao. One of Taiwan’s biggest and baddest dessert establishment has set up shop at One Raffles Place – hurrah! – and, of course, it’ll have its signature mango shaved ice on the menu. Not big on mango? Try Smoothie House’s mix strawberry snowflake ice with panna cotta, or the yogurt-berry shaved ice.
#03-25, p. 6532 1025

One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616, p. 6533 7557. Open daily 10am-9pm.

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