Skin Savers

Review: Skin Inc

Our team has pretty different skin types, and it’s not always that we find products that work across the board. Then there was one. 

The award-winning Skin Inc has a reputation for a reason. The highly concentrated supplements tackle various skin issues, and unlike most lines out there, you can customize products to suit your needs!

Skeptical? That’s exactly how we felt, so we set to task and put it to the test. The shopping process is dead painless, which also meant we readily added products to our cart (whoops). What you first have to do is take a SKINCheck, sorta like the online equivalent of a face-to-face consultation. You answer a series of questions to discover what your skin needs, and the system prioritises the top three signature serums according to how you fare.

What you then get is a fully customized cocktail with three blended serums called My Daily Dose. The water-based serum is lightweight and absorbs incredibly quickly, but what most impressed us was the fast results – our dry skin was visibly more hydrated in just one week.

As frequent flyers one of our biggest concerns is parched skin, so naturally that justified sampling the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Not only does it promise to hydrate, it’s also supposed to clarify and whiten. Best part – you can leave it on overnight so if you fall asleep with it, there’s no panicking at 3am with a face full of product. While we’re not sure about the whitening and clarifying properties, we definitely feel like this mask is the most hydrating product we’ve tried in a long time. If you’re gutsy we recommend slapping it on while flying for maximum protection.

But our star find is hands down, the Pure Revival Peel. It’s a beauty ed’s fave (it’s won tons of awards) and we are OBSESSED. This gentle detoxifying peel exfoliates dead skin while strengthening skin and repairing UV damage. Don’t expect to find any abrasive scrub either, this mask is a smooth, viscous gel that works miracles. The mirofibres inside react with the dead keratin on your skin, which you then massage away. The exfoliating effect is immediately visible – we’re not going to stake claim to baby skin, but we definitely have smaller pores! Our complexion also becaome brighter and smoother – no guesses why this one’s made our must-have beauty kit.