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Crazy about Korla

[ADV] Why this Local Print Design Company Rocks Our World

No, it’s not a teeny crush; we have a full-blown obsession with the super rad design house, Korla.
You might think we’re crazy, but hear us out.
1. They’re true to themselves.
Those gorgeous printed fabrics and iconic motifs? Single-handedly designed by superstar fashion-turned interior-designer, Jane Bonsor. (Fun fact: Jane founded the British fashion line, Pocket Venus, and fans include the impeccably dressed Rachel Bilson and Kate Middleton.)
No more embellishing your home with another ubiquitous chevron print. One up for originality! But stay tuned this spring for their take on last year’s biggest trend.
2. They keep it real.
Forget synthetic materials, it’s all about cotton and cotton-linen blends at Korla. They also use real feather and down for cushion inserts.
3. They’re down with hanging out 24/7.
Say you’re sleepless in Singapore and need a friend at 3am. Just log on to and get busy shopping, or just be inspired by their lookbook.
Because they’re an online fabric store, you don’t have to wait till 10am the next day to drop in or even give them a ring. Best of all, everything is dead simple. You click on the fabric you like, select the dimensions you want, and add it to your cart.
4. They’re rookie-friendly.
Not everyone has mastered the art of mixing prints, so Korla has designed their collection such that each print’s got tons of personality, but is versatile enough to work with other prints.
Tip: play around with their showroom function, which lets you get a feel of how prints look like when paired together.
5. They’re generous.
While everyone else is sending you tiny fabric swatches for a nominal fee, Korla sends out 6 postcard-sized swatches – for free!
So whether you’re looking for made-to-measure curtains, fabrics by the metre/yard, cushions, or even lampshades, Korla’s got just the thing you need.
But all’s fair in love and war – and we’re claiming our stake to Korla first!

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