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So you want to be a volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities in Singapore

If you’ve got spare time on your hands and want to do some volunteer work in the new year, look no further.
Tons of volunteer opportunities available with the Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA): you can work with kids with special needs, elderly folk, or even help out administratively. We’ve previously volunteered with the AWWA School as teacher’s assistants, working with children with autism and count it as one of the most rewarding volunteer experience ever.
kidsREAD Clubs (National Library of Singapore)
Storytellers, put those oratory skills to good use. Read aloud to young children at public libraries and community clubs around Singapore. Some of these centres also have activity books for the kids for a more interactive experience.
You guys know the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), right? They’re Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group (we think they do great work) and are always on the lookout for more volunteers to do anything from manning crisis hotlines to dishing out legal aid. For those who need a little flexibility on the commitment side, this one’s for you – you can choose to volunteer from home, do part-time, or even fulltime work.
Animal Shelters/ Animal Welfare Advocacy Groups
We’ll be the first to call it, volunteering with animal shelters don’t involve the most glamorous tasks, but plenty of furry/ feathered/ scaly friends will be thankful – and show it too. There are a whole lot of animal shelters out there, and like all volunteer gigs they require long-term commitment, so it’s best to choose one that’s near you.
Want to work with dogs? Try Oasis 2nd Chance Animal Shelter, HOPE Dog Rescue, and Action for Singapore Dogs.

Friends with felines? Try Cat Welfare Society.

Adore both? Hit up SPCA and Animal Lovers League.

If you love animals, consider joining ACRES as a volunteer. Opportunities include rescuing wild or abandoned animals, working as a wildlife guardian, or taking part in outreach programmes (e.g. roadshows).
If you’re dedicated to issues around poverty, universal education, reducing child mortality rates , and combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases – this is your cause. Anyone can volunteer with ONE (SINGAPORE) – tech support, admin help, editorial duties, hands on work, and even business management roles are available.
Children’s Homes and Services
There are plenty of ways to volunteer with children’s homes – offer tutoring services, mentorship, fulfill administrative roles… but bear in mind that most application processes are strict and goes through the Ministry. For children’s homes, consider the Melrose Home and the IJ Homes. You can also work with the Children’s Society by offering academic help, a listening ear, or even coordinate activities. If you’re concerned about LGBTQ teenagers, try working with Oogachaga.
Migrant Workers
There are plenty of pressing issues facing migrant workers. Help by offering support with ongoing projects like The Cuff Road Project (a free meal programme for out-of-job workers), join the different fundraising teams, lend legal aid, editorial help, or work with various outreach programmes. Volunteer with TWC2 or HOME.

Image: OASIS 2nd Chance Animal Shelter

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