The Grocer who Delivers

So it’s been a long week at work and you just want to spend Friday night on the couch with some beer and a bag of chips… except there’s none in your fridge.

Or maybe you just returned from a weekend away and are in dire need of some essentials… once again, the cupboards are empty. Familiar story? We hear you.

The solution – the new online grocer RedMart , a revolutionary store that delivers straight to your doorstep within 6 hours!

RedMart carries a huge selection of household essentials, groceries, and personal care products. Looking for your favourite European beer, wine or sparkling water? Find it here. There’s also a huge assortment of cereals, pasta, snacks, shampoo, skincare, laundry detergent… even Panadol (these RedMart guys are thoughtful)!

We personally put RedMart to the test and ordered a week’s worth of groceries. We loved the zippy website and easy-peasy process!

We enjoyed the simple check out – no waiting in ridiculously long lines at the supermarket and wrestling with heavy groceries in the carpark or worse into a taxi. We opted to pay on delivery, so we didn’t even need to fiddle around with entering our credit card details – big plus!

RedMart delivered everything to us within the 2 hour delivery slot we chose – no waiting at home forever to get your delivery! Their deliveries are always on time and accurate. It’s as simple as their tagline: “Click. Click. Done.” Plus, if you order before 10am, you’ll get it delivered within six hours.

RedMart also offers free delivery on orders above $75, which isn’t hard to chalk up if you’re ordering your groceries for the week. Orders below $75 incur a $5 deliver fee. You can choose to pay by credit card online or even opt for cash, cheque or CC on delivery.

Try it for yourself! Right now they’re offering 10% off your entire grocery bill – just enter the code HONEY01 at check out.

Simple, convenient, and easy. We love!

Shop RedMart online.