School’s In

Remember the last time you went to school, had fun, learnt something you could actually use, and didn’t have to pay a single cent?

Yep – neither do we. But there’s a new school on the block that’s about to make that happen.

Folks, meet trade school singapore.

Yes, this school offers fun classes, and you can take ‘em for free! (We know, sounds totally unreal.)

Instead of paying for classes, students barter for knowledge – they fulfill teachers’ wish lists by “paying” for classes with items that teachers request. And while that just sounds like using what would have been school fees to pay for items, these wish lists are made up of anything from a hug, to a new book, to a handwritten letter.

Founded in New York City, there are now many chapters all around the world (including London and Milan), but trade school singapore is the very first in the Asia-Pac region. The inaugural season will be held at our favorite creative workspace, Kennel., from 8 June to 21 June 2012. Psst, working folks – the classes are held after office hours so there’s no excuse!

Choose from a variety of classes that emphasize practical knowledge (something you don’t usually find in schools either): language classes, techie know-how, or basic photography. Alternatively, pick up a new skill like tote-making, zine-making, martial arts, or even collage art.

You’ll also get to meet an eclectic bunch of teachers. Since the only requirement to be a teacher is to be passionate, anyone from amateur hobbyists to industry professionals can get to teach! So if you’re not ready to turn your cookie-making skills or nifty car mechanic knowledge into a business, why not consider sharing your trade secrets with someone else?

For more information on trade school singapore, watch their video or visit their Facebook page for the dish on the latest. Alternatively, sign up to teach or register for a class!

trade school singapore is holding their launch party at Kennel. on Sat 26 May 2012, from 7-10pm. The first season begins Fri 8 June and runs till Thu 21 June 2012.