Moving Magic

Remember all the times you had to move? From the packing and the cleaning, to the paper cuts and the misplaced homewares – the process is a total nightmare. And if you’re moving to a new country, there are tedious (and very intimidating) tasks like visa applications and real estate hunting to tackle.

Take it from us: Santa Fe Relocation Services will make moving anywhere in the world a total cinch.

These guys have revolutionized the art of moving.

They’ll handle everything from visa applications to school hunting and property searching. They’ll even relocate the family pet! To make the process dead simple, they conduct a needs assessment to determine what you’re looking for, then take the hard work out of your hands by scouring the country for your new home. You make the decision and they settle the paperwork.

Moving is never a laborious process with Santa Fe around. They send a team to your place to wrap, pack and log everything you want to move. Moving that doesn’t involve us lifting even a finger? Count us in.

Upon arrival in your new country of residence, another team helps you to unpack, assemble furniture, and even add homey touches like framed photographs on walls – talk about great customer service.

But the relocation service doesn’t end there. Throughout your entire time in the country, Santa Fe makes life hassle-free by managing the daily nitty-grittys like lease contracts, insurance policies, school registration, housing and car payments.

You also get to be privy to the latest in town and get invites to exclusive Santa Fe Insider events – everything from cocktail parties to networking sessions. Culture shock? You’ll never have to worry about that with Santa Fe around.

To find out more about Santa Fe Relocation Services, view this video or visit their website.