DIY Brunch

You’ve seen our gift guide, checked out our dining guide, and now we’ve got one last tip for you.

To really make a day for your Mum (or wife), why not create a homey brunch with personalized touches just for her?

Militza Maury, the savvy eco-minded blogger behind Little Green Dot shows us how she threw her mum a sweet brunch with vintage touches.

Brunch Table
“This event was not about being eco-friendly, it was about my Mum. The theme was: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

I wanted to show her how and why she is such a special Mami, so I decorated the table with flowers, used beautiful vintage plates and glasses, and made food that I knew she’d enjoy.”

Image: the beautiful brunch table as created by Militza c/o

“I designed the menu by first looking at what produce was available to me here in Singapore. Along with that, I chose sustainably farmed, organically farmed and wholesome ingredients.

I thought about how to minimize buying imported foods by buying locally-made pastries, breads and pasta and minimized packaging by making my own things.”

Image: the menu designed by Militza c/o

The Feast
Militza made all the food, including that cheese!

Image c/o

“Instead of buying imported flowers, I handpicked them from the park and from the street outside my home.”

Image: Roadside flowers c/o

Thirst Quencher
“Instead of bottled and packaged drinks, I served lovely flavored water.”

There were two infusions: a citrus blend made with lemon, lime, and orange slices, as well as a fruity blend with watermelon and basil.

Image c/o

Photo Garland
“Instead of making decorations, I made my own. I displayed photographs of her throughout the years and added little handwritten notes here and there for her to read.”

Image: Photo garland c/o

Sweet Memories
To display photos, Militza repurposed glass jars and placed them around the table.

Image c/o

Place Setting
A simple stalk of flower was used as a place setting.

Image c/o

Vintage Touches
Militza also used tiered stands and vintage ceramic plates to ground the feel of the vintage-inspired brunch.

Thanks for sharing, Militza! For more eco-friendly adventures, have a gander at Militza’s blog here.

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