About A Boy


Sometimes the local community calls for help, and this is one of those times…

On Easter Monday, nine-year-old Ali Layard was involved in a serious accident in the UK, in which he suffered severe injuries to his knees and lower legs. After being air-lifted to a nearby specialist hospital he was seen or operated on by no fewer than 17 doctors in the next few hours (on an Easter Monday remember!).

They were able to save his life, and they are now they’re trying to save his legs.

Ali, an avid sportsman who recently made the Somerset Junior Cricket Academy, faces multiple operations involving muscle and skin grafts. Whether or not the doctors are forced to amputate his legs, Ali will have to undertake a long recovery and major lifestyle adjustments. Despite this, Ali has shown remarkable courage and maintained a positive spirit throughout.

His aunt and uncle, Annie and Jim Layard of Layard Art Consulting, are raising funds for his recovery process, which will also go towards relocating his bedroom to the ground floor. There are several ways to help.

You can bid on auction items that people have kindly donated, or you can make a direct donation (e. alayard@gmail.com).

Find artworks, signed sporting memorabilia, beautiful homeware, a villa vacation, a whole week at a ski resort, and even a French countryside getaway. So head on over to bid and support Ali and his family! Online bidding closes at 3pm, Thu 10 May 2012.

Do your bit for Ali, click over to A Night 4 Ali on Facebook and bid away!