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Wouldn’t it be great if you could redecorate at the snap of your fingers? Well, we know just the people who can make it almost that easy – the hardest part will be picking out what you love best.

The expert duo, Daniele and Rebecca, at Bambu Interiors has done work for some fab Singapore houses, boutique offices and also had a hand in the soft furnishings at Ku De Ta in Marina Bay Sands.

They also own the exclusive distribution rights to fabric houses, including Sydney-based Sparkk, Parisian Elitis, French Toiles de Mayenne, New Zealand-based Mokum, Jacaranda Rugs and Carpets (hailing from the UK), and Italian Voghi fabrics from Lake Como.

If you’re in the market for a home that’s entirely you (Bambu‘sgreat at that) and you haven’t been able to find what you need, we think Bambu‘s your go-to service. Read on to see why!

All fabrics and furnishings available at Bambu Interiors, 314 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Office campus, 01-06, Singapore 247977, p. 6737 8246,


Image: A super fun geometric print in Casso Safari, Sparkk


Sparkk is a family-owned business based in Sydney. They design and digitally print drapery and upholstery fabrics and wallpaper for residential and commercial interiors.

Image: Cushions in assorted fabric, Sparkk


Aren’t those prints gorgeous? Featured in glossies like Elle Décor UK, Country Style, and Houses Magazine, Sparkk creates contemporary printed textiles for interior design professionals as well as consumers looking for inspirational design and colour, high quality and great value.

Image: Assorted Chevrons, Sparkk


You never have to worry about outdated designs with Sparkk. They digitally print on demand so you can definitely have this season’s trends in your home, stat. You can also create your own version of their designs by replacing any of the existing colours with other colours from their colour palette.

Image: Assorted wallpaper, Sparkk

Sparkk Wallpaper

Aside from fabrics, Sparkk also offers wall-coverings – hello, easy makeover! The girls at Bambù also have a little black book of reliable contractors who can get your home looking beautiful in a jiffy.

Image: Washable Acacia Stripe with stain-repellent qualities. Made of post-industrial recycled fibre, Mokum

Mokum Textiles

With 30 years experience in textiles design, development, and distribution, Mokum Textiles offers a comprehensive collection of quality fabrics for upholstered seating, walls, window, and floor coverings.

Image: Mokum

Mokum Textiles

Employing the finest international mills, Mokum products are designed to be both enduring and beautiful (translation: kids won’t cramp your style).

Image: Mokum

Mokum Textiles

Mokum is also known for putting a fresh spin on enduring design themes – kinda like the modern classics we love so much. Upholster a piece in one of their fabrics and you’ll find yourself loving it for life.

Image: Summer Holiday Outdoor Collection, Mokum

Mokum Textiles

A great collection for outdoor upholstery, the Summer Holiday Outdoor Collection is fun, bright, and playful.

A huge bonus for these beautiful fabrics: three of these designs (Cowry Shells, Frangipani, and Pool Stripe) are 10% recyclable and “Certified Cradle-To-Cradle”, which means the yarn in these fabrics meets or exceeds strict standards for human and environmental health, environmentally preferable materials, strategy for renewable energy, and the comprehensive re-utilization programme.

We definitely love!

Image: Leather rug, Jacaranda

Jacaranda Carpets

Noting the demand for affordable, quality rugs, Daniele and Rebecca brought in Jacaranda Carpets, a UK-based company produces mostly handmade rugs that are woven on traditional wooden looms. Some of these rugs are even knotted by hand!

An extremely popular option at Bambù is the Jacaranda leather rug, which is stitched from real leather hide in eight natural, undyed tones.

Image: (l-r) Velvet Border, Chunky Velvet, Jacaranda

Jacaranda Carpets

Other popular options include the Chunky Velvet and the Velvet Border rugs, which are woven on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms.

The Chunky Velvet is packed full of pure wool with a thick and smooth velvet pile.

The Velvet Border offers a soft velvet centre bordered by a subtle linear texture in complementary natural colours.

Image: Toiles de Mayenne

Toiles de Mayenne

Toiles de Mayenne has over a hundred years of experience! As one of the last independent French weavers, the brand is an expert at producing heavy-duty fabrics for decoration.


Image: (l-r) Nova, Ipanema, Élitis


Founded in 1988, Élitis first started offering colourful and innovative wallpapers, which they felt the market lacked. Inspired by fashion, film, photography, art architecture, and travel, they then carried the concept through into fabrics and furniture.

Image: Voghi


Voghi from Italy conveys an European elegance. Choose from posh damasks, refined jacquards, and printed paisleys.

All fabrics and furnishings available at Bambu Interiors, 314 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Office campus, 01-06, Singapore 247977, p. 6737 8246,