Your Temple

You want: To unleash your inner goddess.

You do not want: A standard gym pumped full of testosterone (and egos to match), or unglamorously sweating up a storm in the outdoor heat.

You need: Body Temple‘s women-only wellness centres. Karine and her team of super fun and fit personal trainers will provide you with a fitness & wellness plan perfectly tailored to lure that goddess out of you.

We tried Body Temple’s customized 10 x 1 hour sessions with the lovely long-legged Lauren, and lost 4kgs, 21cms (including 9cm from the waist!) and we also wiped 6 years off our metabolic age (yes they have these fancy scales which can tell you these things).

The workouts, which take place in the air-conditioned comfort at Loewen Gardens, begin with some rolling time on the fitbar to release trigger points (tightness in the muscles), followed by stretching and activation of the muscles.

Core and strength exercises are next, which help to get your heart rate up. The last (and we think hardest) part of the routine involves “finishers” – but they up your metabolic rate, release endorphins, and burn fat – so bring it!

After all that hard work, you’re treated to a lovely neck & shoulder massage during the cool down – yes, bliss.

Your trainer gives you all the support and tools you need to meet your health and fitness goals. Need motivation to stay away from cake? Whip out your food diary – writing that down will make you think twice about what you’re munching on.

Body Temple also offers pilates, a running club plus nutrition, shopping and Hawker food educations programs. Just about something for every woman we think!

Body Temple @ Loewen Gardens, 75 Loewen Road, Singapore 248844, p. 9100 8714, e.