Hello Green Thumb!


Well, hello Green Thumb! It’s nice to finally meet you.

After a most delightful morning with the lovely girls from IndiRose, we have now discovered that we too can arrange flowers – just like an international florist (well, ok, almost!)

IndiRose Flowers is a new flower arranging workshop held on the verandah of Jenni Tighe’s beautiful home. Her business partner, George Morrow, who is an internationally trained florist, and together they have combined their talents to create a very hands-on workshop designed for the Singapore environment.

On arrival you are greeted by a table full of lilles and orchids, which to the untrained eye, looks like a beautiful arrangement… Until you learn that this is the bunch of flowers that you will be working on today.

After a nespresso coffee and a scone (or three) class begins.

This three-hour course takes you on a journey from where to buy flowers in Singapore (and when), how to choose them, conditioning your flowers (aka preparing them before arranging), arranging your flowers and keeping your flowers alive (and happy!), and how to care for potted orchids.

Time flies as you watch in wonder as George shows you a number of different arrangements, and passionately shares her love of all things green (don’t get her started on foliage!) Before you know it you are standing with secateurs in hand and conditioning your flowers.

Then the real secret comes out – how to make mass impact through massing colour. You will have to enrol to find out the answer to that one!

By the end of the class, you have not only created a stunning arrangement, you have also learnt how to wrap flowers like a pro. Plus, you walk away full of inspiration and a massive stunning bunch of flowers that you arranged yourself!

The best bit? You get to gloat about that new green thumb you’ve managed to unearth.

IndiRose Flowers workshops are $100 plus $65 for flowers, bookings can be made on www.indirose.com or email: jennifertighe@indirose.com UPDATE: Sadly Indirose is no longer holding classes.