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Restaurant Review: Labyrinth

It’s no secret that Singaporeans take their food seriously; few things spark off lively discussions like…
Nafeesa Saini

Nafeesa Saini, Lifestyle Writer


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Milan Fashion Week's best street style looks

  First New York, then London, now Milan! Fashion season is giving us life and we’re glad street style photographer Phil Oh for is there to capture the street’s version of the catwalk.

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Toss & Turn, Singapore

Go green! Salad bars in SG

Wondering where to get your healthy lunch fix? Check out these amazing joints for great salads in Singapore, with most located right in the heart of the city. Some even offer office delivery, online ordering and phone booking for all...

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Hot New Tables October 2015

Restaurants are popping out like SG50 babies in Singapore, and it’s no different this month of October. Bring out of towners to this modern Chinese restaurants or have a fancy (but affordable) meal at a fine contemporary grill specialising in...
Katie Boon

Katie Boon, Lifestyle Writer