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October 24, 2014

Cream of the Crop: Chillax Market

Pop-up fair Chillax Market has a new home and this time, it’s for good – yay! Singapore’s first…
Shairah Thoufeekh

Shairah Thoufeekh, Lifestyle Writer

MusicFest @ SGH | Honeycombers Singapore


October 24, 2014

Hospital Patients Get Entertained

Visits to hospitals aren’t always the most pleasant or the happiest thing, but it will be…


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Halloween Cupcakes Ideas | Honeycombers Singapore

Eat & Drink

October 24, 2014

7 Spooky Cupcakes for Halloween

For those of you looking to throw a Halloween knees-up, we’ve got everything you need for the perfect treats: too-cute-to-eat spooky cupcakes, with yummy candies and ghoulish decorations from FairPrice Finest. Put on your baker’s hat!
Shivas Design

Home & Décor

October 24, 2014

Shop Pasir Panjang with Shiva Designs’ Rima Shrivastava

ShopVenture Image 2-Hexagon


October 24, 2014

Online Shoppers, Meet Your New BFF

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October 16, 2014

22 Reasons Why Your Wallet Is Going To Hate You

Maybe it’s the time of the year (Christmas and New Year’s are not too far away now!), but new boutiques have been popping up like crazy around the city of late. Nevertheless, these store openings are bringing an extra hop...

Gnossem | Lisa Crosswhite


October 15, 2014

Shop emerging designers with Gnossem’s Lisa Crosswhite

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April 21, 2014


Whether it’s short ribs, pork belly, beef brisket, or sliced chicken, the Koreans sure know how to marinate and grill a whole slew of meat cuts to juicy, tender perfection. If you’re a fan of Korean BBQ (you need to...
Wan Yin Lim

Wan Yin Lim, Lifestyle Writer