Walk this Way

Why hello, greenery. It’s been a while. I think its time to find the trainers and take you in. Your lush, tropical colour with your fresh healthy smells and invigorating energy. Let’s see where we shall meet…

McRitchie: Tree-Tops Walk

Lets start at the favourite – high up in the air. Tweet with the birds at the 25m high Tree Top Walk, not for those afraid of heights. Enter at Venus Drive and breathe in the 7km loop (see orange trail). There are lots of stairs, and a few hills, do not attempt with a hangover or a pram.

Challenge Level: Intermediate to Difficult

Southern Ridges: Alexandra Arch to Henderson Wave

A great walk for the family (read: scooter, pram and dog friendly), there are lots of different trails here. Start at the Alexandra Arch (at Hort Park) then walk through the Forest Walk to Henderson Waves and back. It’s about a 4.4km round trip – good news is its mostly uphill on the way there, and downhill coming back.

Challenge Level: Easy to Intermediate

Pasir Ris Park Mangrove

You may have been to Pasir Ris Park for the impressive adventure playground, but if you haven’t been along the mangrove trail boardwalk, it’s worth a look. Plenty of beauty & nature to be found in the swamps, who knew? The walk takes about 1-2 hours allowing time to enjoy the serenity.

Challenge Level: Easy – almost possible in high heels

Island time: Pulau Ubin

Feel like escaping the hustle and bustle? A bargain $2.50 bumboat ride takes you back in time to the last ‘kampong’ of Singapore. This island is perfect for a day trip with leisurely strolls or bike rides. If you feel like a challenge you can walk to Chek Jawa, which is a 7km round trip. Feeling tired on the return leg – get a lift from a van taxi.

Challenge Level: Easy to Intermediate

Fort Canning

A favourite haunt for outdoor exercise groups like Ozfit, Fort Canning is excellent for walking too. Start at the Hill St entrance, and get your heart pumping with 160 stairs. Then enjoy a relaxing stroll with some history on the side.

Challenge level: Easy to Intermediate.