Baby Bootylicious

So you have done the whole nine months (actually its ten, and we are counting!), and now it’s time to get that booty back into pre-baby shape.

So we decided to take the five week PowerCardio and PowerSculpt challenge at Croyez Studio.

Using the Power Plate machines, these simple exercises are perfect for new mothers, as not only is it low impact, but it focuses on toning the abdominal, thigh, lower back, bottom and pelvic floor muscles – basically all the bits that get a rough deal through pregnancy!

We were skeptical when we started, but post-workout we know this training session did something… our jello-muscles are screaming out to us!

The session is an intense 40 mins, comprising of a 5 min warm-up, 25 min workout and 10 min massage. The Power Plate machines vibrate in three dimensions at 25-50 muscle contractions per second (yes, that is no typo!), the body has to work 5 times harder with each stretch – reducing a 2.5 hour workout to a mere 25 minutes.

Perfect for any busy mother.

Another perk of these fabulous machines, is the vibrations have been shown to encourage collagen cells to replace fat cells (hallelujah!), enhancing skin elasticity and reducing water retention.

Croyez Studio has an option to suit everyone from private sessions to small group classes (max 7 people) with 5 different types of classes on offer. They are the only studio in Singapore to have all trainers certified by Power Plate International and the only studio in Asia to have 3 master trainers. We had Shyam who certainly pushed us to our limit!

We are now set to take on the Croyez Challenge, 2 classes a week for 5 weeks and will report back with the results.

If you want to participate, you can try a class for only $18 (normally $48) and if you sign up on the same day you get 20% more classes free!

Wanna try the class for free?

Just ‘like’ Croyez and Honeycombers on Facebook, and post ‘Baby Bootylicious!’ on the Croyez wall to receive 1 free trial session!

PowerCardio and PowerSculpt workouts are avalaible at Croyez@Puris, 8 Purvis Street, 02-01 Singapore and Croyez@Dempsey, Black 8D, Dempsey Road, 03-06 Singapore.