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The Pursuit of Happiness

[ADV] Life Coach Review: Lisa Thrane

So here you are, fairly happy… but then again just a wee-bit unhappy.

Fulfilled… But a little bit unfulfilled.

Kicking some goals… but not reaching that pie-in-the-sky dream.

Maybe you need someone rooting for your team. Someone really listening to you, and posing some challenging questions. Someone that makes you invest energy, time and focus in … you.

Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of your partner, kids, friends, parents, sisters and others?

Maybe you need a little more guilt-free ‘me time’ (umm, yes!). When was the last time you took that extra 5 minutes in the shower, or totally found zen, or committed to doing something for yourself?

Maybe you are trying to shake that extra weight, trying to achieve that career goal, or trying to become a really good parent, while juggling the hectic schedule of daily life.

Solution: You need a life coach in Singapore. And not a hippy-van-living-guru-chasing coach, you need a real-woman-with-a-great-set-of-listening-ears (and even better set of challenging questions) – like Lisa Thrane. Lisa is an expat here who can relate to the challenges of the expat life, motherhood, career challenges and even small business. Hell, she can even relate to the frustration of Singapore noise pollution!

She runs client led sessions from home, (you do 80% of the talking), and helps you identify your goals and work out the fastest way to get there with the least amount of energy used.

Trained by Coach U (an ICF credentialed training program which is the largest in the world) Lisa is offering an amazing free introductory session for all Honeycomber readers. (What a no-brainer!). If you want to continue, your 2nd & 3rd sessions are $70/hr, and following sessions are $95/hr. Cheaper than a personal trainer, it seems like peanuts for the results you can achieve.

So stop ignoring that sense of frustration, and drop Lisa an email today.

After all, what is the price of true happiness?

Life Coach Singapore Lisa Thrane, 993 Bukit Timah Road, 06-08,,, p. 9730 5936

Photography: Rohan Rees

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