Lose That Baby Bump

You know that pair of pre-children skinny jeans you’ve kept in the wardrobe for soooo many moons because you’re “going to get back into them one day”. And that cute little cocktail dress that used to be your favourite? Well it’s time … here’s our top 5 tips to get back into your old shape.

Bike Riding

Riding a bike is the ultimate – it’s ultra low impact on the body and great for burning hundreds of those pesky calories. Try cycling early morning along Old Upper Thomson Rd. Just mind the monkeys! Or if you’re into spin classes, we’re heading along to check out RealRyder – a new indoor bike that you can tilt and lean mimicking the movements of a real outdoor ride at Urban Fitness Lab.

Eat Right

A nutritionalist can tweak your diet – and with a couple of suggestions increase your energy (yes please!) and get rid of those pesky few last pounds. We love The Nutrition Clinic for the inside scoop on all the local food and also the love and attention we receive from the team at The Food Clinic.

Get personal

Get your own trainer (or share one with a small group). The girls at OzFit will motivate you with their sunny energy. And our Honeycombers sporty spices love Speed Institute at Turf City for the high impact exercise regime (read Calorie Killer) and top of the class coaches.

Hot and Sweaty

Not for the faint hearted (we’ve warned you!) but Bikram Yoga cannot fail to slim and tone down your figure. It’s a set series of positions in a seriously hot room. Call it cardio, detoxifying and stretching all in one. It works.

Tunes in the Pool

Swimming can be a bit tedious…but add a bit of music and suddenly the laps fly by. We love the H2OAudio range for Ipods with waterproof earphones.