The Cafe Revolution

Something has been brewing in Singapore, you can smell it.

That strong, addictive aroma…

That psychoactive stimulant we all need to function (well in our industry anyway…)

Yep, it’s a cafe revolution. No more drinking from plastic bags, no more flying to Melbourne for sublime caffeine experiences, and no more forking out $8 for a weak milky Americano when all you wanted was a strong, short espresso with a luscious thick crema.

Here is our pick of the new coffee shops on the block and why we love them.

Loysel’s Toy

If you loved Papa Palheta, then you are going to want to visit their new cafe Loysel’s Toys. The latest coffee shop on the block these guys opened mid-January. With funky vintage furniture, and a hip vibe, Loysel’s also offer a limited breakfast and lunch menu. We loved the salads (mint and watermelon and roasted duck). Oh and the coffee is pretty damn fine, as you would expect.


You might have already guessed that we are right into vintage furniture – so when we heard that a boutique coffee shop in Tangong Pagar, aptly named Restore, also doubled as a vintage furniture store – we got a little excited. With homemade bagels and waffles these guys are hitting home runs all round.

The Plain

This Melbourne-esque coffee shop – is cool with a capital C. With funky interior design (think retro lighting and pared back interiors) and an all-day breakfast menu featuring Darling’s Eggs (sourdough, ham, cheese, tomatoes and egg) and a range of international magazines this place is hard to leave. Especially if you believe their propaganda signs at the front of the store ‘Coffee Drinkers Make Better Lovers’, as we do!

40 Hands

A serious coffee aficionado shop (with a somewhat serious owner), 40 Hands is set in the funky neighborhood of Tiong Bahru. Whilst the locals may not understand why their customers happily pay $5 for a cuppa (when the hawker stall around the corner offers Kopi-C for 80c), of course we do. If you linger to lunch time, try the mushroom truffle toasty – a most impressive sambo.

Kith Cafe

An older café but still securely placed on our cool list, these guys know how to make a great soy flat white with friendly service to-boot. Jane and her team love their regulars, to the point if you go on holidays without mentioning it to them – they are relieved when you return!

Got a great cafe we should check out? Please shout out – love to hear about it!