Bump It Up


Wandering hands all over your belly. Again. Well meaning advice from the auntie down the road. Again. And farewell to your vodka martinis. It’s going to be a long 9 months. But don’t just survive it. We say: live it up, with gusto and grace, and of course, a few trips to the salon.

Treat yourself

To a relaxing mani-pedi at Juup Nails. Weekly. Why not? Think of the money you’re saving without those martinis. And book in a regular pre-natal massage with Rustic Nirvana to soothe those aches, pains and … eeeek… water retention? You’ll feel like a new woman-and-a-half.

Bag it

We love a newcomer on the scene. Il Tutto’s gorgeous baby bags are packed with all the features you need and will have you one baby step ahead in style. Or look out for the latest offering from Kate Spade.

And best get one for him too- we love the Storsak (and so does Brad and Pete Wentz) from Motherswork. It’ll make him feel like a celebrity, and give you another excuse to pop off to the salon for an hour while he’s in charge.

Wise up

Mother and Child baby prep classes have all your baby questions covered. Or contact Parentlink to discover just how serene an experience baby birthing can be.

Super Stylin’

Have a quick flick through Bump it Up (the style cheat-sheet for women who want to look fabulous during their pregnancy) or The Hot Mom’s Handbook (available at Borders or Kinokuniya). Then head down to local store Mothers En Vogue or Egg Maternity to keep your growing girth stylish and cool. Or check out the online Bumpology fashion.

Capture the moment

Even though you may disagree some days, this is a beautiful time – capture it with some professional shots by Tomato Photo. Your man will treasure them and your new addition will love their first photos.