Lust Over Wanderlust

Anna Berezovskaya_640

Wanderlust is the newest and quirkiest boutique hotel in town. With four designers at work (DP Architects, Phunk Studio, Asylum and fFurious), Wanderlust has 29 rooms each with a different theme. And when we say different, we mean really different.

Like fFurious’s loft room in which a giant typewriter doubles as a sofa (yes, that’s correct). And Phunk Studio’s mono-coloured rooms which have neon signs of corresponding song title, such as Yellow Submarine (as pictured).

Asylum took charge of designing the French restaurant Cocotte on the first floor – a perfect place for lunch.

All in all, this little beau took 10 months to create and cost about $4m.

With rooms from $180 and positioned in the colourful neighbour of Little India, we think this new boutique hotel is a perfect place to put your friends up when they come to stay.

What we love the most? Its a hard one – but we certainly approve of the designers retaining the beautiful 1920s Singaporean art-nouveau-inspired tiles used on a scale that is unique to Singapore.

Wanderlust, 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494, + 65 6298 1188